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About Our Hotel in Brockport, NY

Dollinger—A Family with Experience 

Ralph Dollinger (my dad) became a self-made man within the automobile industry.  Dollinger Motors was located right here in Brockport NY for many years.  Throughout the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, Ralph & Joyce Dollinger also purchased three small motels in Orleans County. 

On May 3, 2000 the Dollinger family opened a newly built franchised hotel in Brockport.  For ten years, I was the general manager of this hotel.  Going from a small “mom & pop” motel to a world renowned brand name was an eye opening experience.  I learned a great deal during those years… the inner workings of the hotel industry as well as the tourism needs of the Brockport area. 

However, one of the most significant downsides of being involved with a franchise is the requirement of complete submission.  Within the ten years of our involvement, we were required to make several changes.  These changes were not initiated for the best interest of our guests in Brockport, but for the guests of all the chained hotels within this particular franchise.

A few months after my father passed away (June 4, 2009), my mother and I were informed that in order to continue our franchise, we would have to submit to numerous constructional modifications.  We did consider this for a brief moment; however, it was quite obvious that these requirements were beyond possible for us. 

After investigating a few other franchise options, my mother and I decided to take the independent route.  While maintaining the ownership, management and staff, we have been afforded the opportunity to make all the decisions regarding what’s best for our guests (specifically).  We are no longer bound by policies and procedures created by people we don’t know from locations nowhere near Brockport, NY.


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